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About Technology

Whereas conventional night-vision cameras provide only monochromatic images, our new imaging technology gives us a great deal of visual information by color imaging on with IR.

Sample Images

Sample Images_mono

Sample Images_color

It was difficult to judge whether a protrusion is a part of skin or a cap on the conventional monochromatic images. However, a color IR camera gives us the clear vision that a protrusion is a part of a cap.

About Mechanics

A color night vision has similar mechanics to a conventional camera. IR illumination is projected and captured by camera. Nanolux technology enables to separate color elements of IR and generate color images.

Figure About Mechanics

About Invention

It was considered IR was irrelevant to “color”. However, our research unveiled the correlation between visible light and infrared ray. It enabled to extract color information in infrared ray (patented internationally)

Graph of Visible light and IR light

The correlation between visible and infrared reflectivity is applied to the colorization of infrared imaging camera.

Invention of color imaging on with IR

About Implementations

LED Flashing Method

LED Flashing Method
  • Simple mechanics
  • Inexpensive
  • Low frame rate

Prism Method

Prism Method
  • High resolution
  • Difficult to micro-miniaturize

Color Filter Method

Color Filter Method
  • Scale of economy by mass production
  • Utilization of most advanced technology
  • micro-miniaturization is possible